250GB Storage

Up to 3 users

Cloudzy branded

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1000GB Storage

Up to 15 users

Cloudzy branded

Free Setup

5000GB Storage

Unlimited users

Custom branded

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All prices in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

about cloudzy

AES 256-bit Secure

Encrypt your files with a private encryption key known only to you. Files and meta-data are encrypted before being transferred using AES 256-bit encryption through a secure SSL connection.

24/7/365 Sync

Protect your business from expensive down time due to malware or hardware failure.

Files are constantly monitored, synchronized, and backed up.


Cloudzy helps your practice comply with Canadian patient confidentiality requirements by storing patient data securely, and privately.

Unlimited Files

Protect an unlimited number of files, with no limits on file size or type. Set custom retention rules to meet your organization's needs, and instantly restore previous file versions.

Easy Restore

Easily restore your data in the event of a disaster. Simply re-install our client software and sync the files, or download them from our web interface.

Safe in Canada

Keep your data within your borders, safe from prying foreign government agencies. Our backup servers are located in Beauharnois, QC, Canada.


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